Next Fusion EP Talks (24_Jul_2020)

Coupling plasma and wall currents for disruption simulations

Speaker: Dr. Francisco Javier Artola Such

When: 24-Jul-2020 at 18:00 (CET, Prague).

Abstract: The talk will be about disruptions events that can arise in tokamaks producing large heat and electromagnetic loads on the structures surrounding the plasma. The dynamics of these events are complex and 3D simulations are required to understand present experiments and to assist the design and operation of future machines. Disruptions induce wall currents which in turn determine the plasma motion, therefore it is necessary to couple these currents to the plasma in a self-consistent form. In the presentation different methods for such a coupling are explained for 3D MHD codes and examples of 3D MHD simulations of Vertical Displacement Events (VDEs) are also presented.

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