Ion Implanter

implanterThis facility is a 60 keV Danfysik ion implanter that permits ion implantation like helium, hydrogen and deuterium ions between others, for studies related with fusion research. The implanter staff have designed and developed different irradiation chambers and experimental set-ups depending on the study requirements. The developed experimental systems permit in-situ optical, electrical and desorption measurements. For example simultaneous ionoluminescence and surface electrical conductivity measurements can be made thus allowing correlation between macroscopic material degradation and defects produced by implantation.

The facility has been used regularly to implant H, He, D ions in metals and insulators in order to evaluate microstructural surface degradation, ionoluminescence, surface electrical degradation and to implant He and H isotopes to perform diffusion and desorption experiments. These studies can be carried out at controlled temperatures, from liquid nitrogen up to 1000 C. Available special irradiation chambers and sample holders have been designed by the implanter staff and fabricated at the CIEMAT workshops.

Beam characteristics;

  • Beam energy: up to 60 keV.
  • Beam current: up to 150 µA depending on ion.
  • Sample size: from ≈ 3 mm2 to about 4×2 cm2
  • Unfocused beam diameter at target: ≈ 1 cm