Material Characterization Facilities

Fib (640x480)


FIB-SEM: Focussed Ion Beam – Secondary Electron Microscope

This is Carl Zeiss Auriga Compact field effect SEM with an electron acceleration voltage in the range 0.5 to 30 kV and is equipped with three different detectors for secondary and backscattered electrons. The system includes an XFlash Bruker EDS detector for compositional studies. It is possible to perform local point, line scan and mapping analysis. An electron back-scattered diffraction detector (EBSD) has been recently installed for the determination of crystalline phases and orientation with a sample angle of 70º. The microscope is also equipped with an FIB gallium gun providing an acceleration voltage of 1 to 30 keV for cross-section inspection and TEM samples preparation on conductive and insulating materials.


SIMS: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

sims2 (640x480)


This Hiden Analytical secondary ion mass spectroscopy system uses oxygen or argon ions, with an energy of 5 keV, as the primary ions. Mass identification (1 to 550 amu), depth profiling and static SIMS capabilities are available. The system is also used for compositional mapping and it incorporates an electron gun for SIMS experiments in insulating materials. Electro-negative ions can be better detected using a Cs ion gun with an energy up to 5 keV.


The Hiden SIMS Workstation equipment was co-funded by the Moncloa Campus CEI (Resolution of March 23, 2011). It was assigned to IFN_UPM, and is currently on loan at the LNF_CIEMAT.