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Fusion-EP Talks is a student-led webinar platform brought to you by the alumni community of the European Master In Fusion Science and Engineering physics. The webinars aim to facilitate a casual discussion between fusion enthusiasts young-scientists and experts on topics regarding controlled thermonuclear fusion.


A new pro-science Government in Spain

On Wednesday the 6th of June 2018, the new Spanish Government released the names of its ministers. A particular shining star is Pedro Duque, a Spanish astronaut working at ESA, in the role of Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities. The recovery of a Science Ministry is excellent news as it will return visibility to Spanish research centres. President Pedro Sánchez has emphasized that he wishes to promote Science and Innovation as a means to stimulate Spanish economy and progress, as he has made clear in many interventions. This bodes well for research in Spain, which has been suffering severe cutbacks for many years.

Co-starring in this adventure are the eleven women members of the new Council of Ministers.

The now President Pedro Sanchez visited TJ-II in 2015, when he was still a candidate in the General Elections.

The New Spanish Government with Felipe VI, King of Spain

Pedro Duque, new Spanish Minister of Science, in space

Pedro Sánchez visits TJ-II, Oct. 20, 2015