International Projects

proyectos internacionales

International projects with LNF participation

LNF centralizes magnetic confinement fusion research in Spain and leads the Spanish participation in the construction of ITER. It was also a key player in bringing the European Agency F4E to Barcelona. In addition, LNF has also led, from its initiation, Spanish participation in the “Broader Approach” agreement signed between the European Union and Japan, as well as projects included in the road-map of ESFRI (IFMIF) and the European fusion program.

The socio-economic impulse to Spanish industry, arising from participation in such projects and the experience gained, should be highlighted. For instance, this has allowed Spanish industry to be competitive in tenders for projects such as ITER.

The tasks and projects, where LNF plays a prominent role or makes a significant contribution, are:

  • the design and manufacture of the JT-60 SA Cryostat Base and the Cryostat Vessel Body Cylindrical Section (CVBCS).
  • ITER systems and diagnostics.
  • the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc)
  • the IFMIF Engineering Design.