The National Fusion Laboratory of Spain participates in various educational initiatives.

European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics

FUSION-EP is a multinational, research-oriented educational program in fusion physics and engineering of magnetic confinement devices. The program is offered by 5 universities in 4 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany and Spain). Students undertaking the programme spend their 1st year in one country and their 2nd year in a different country (see above) where they enrol in the participating universities. In total, the 2 years are divided into 4 semesters with students undertaking a research thesis focussed on magnetic fusion at one of the universities, or associated research institutes, during the 4th semester. A limited number of 2-year scholarships are available to both EU and non-EU students. More information:

Joint Doctoral Programme in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering

FUSION-DC is a 3-year Joint Doctoral Programme in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering offered by a consortium of 25 European partner institutions from 9 EU countries, the ITER Organization, plus 13 associated partners from China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. Students spend training/research periods of 6 months or more in 2 or more partner or associated partner institutions located in different countries of the consortium (co-tutelle). More information:

Participation in other initiatives