FusionEPtalks. The European Master in Fusion Science and Engineering Physics: 15 years of experience.

Speaker: Prof. Guido van Oost

When: 14-Sep-2020 at 17:00 (CET, Prague).

Abstract: As the fusion community makes pace towards commercialization, the balance in research is shifting from an academic-and-fundamental direction to a technology-and-industry-driven orientation. Internationalization, multidisciplinarity and mobility are key attributes required from leaders in the nascent fusion industry. For nearly 15 years, the FUSION-EP joint Master degree has delivered a high-level research-oriented education and a well-integrated cultural experience within an international consortium of institutions leading the interdisciplinary field of magnetic fusion. The combined and harmonized teaching and research activities coordinated among eight partner universities in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany and Spain offer a variety of competences in a field of crucial importance to the problem of world energy supply. Besides the ITER International Organization, there are presently twenty-five academic and research associate partners from the EU, China, India, Lebanon, Russia, and Ukraine. Professor van Oost is one of the founders of FUSION-EP. In this talk, he will present the structure, philosophy and future perspectives of this unique graduate programme. Prospective students should note that 15 full scholarships are awarded every year to the top candidates!

Please visit https://fusionep-talks.egyplasma.com/events/event.php?eventID=31

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Alexis and the FusionEPtalks Team